sebastian melo






Superliminal experiments with the possibility of representing time through stillness. We dive into an underground journey accumulating traces, gestures and identities, the memory of which still palpitates in awareness



Official Selection


AIEFF 2013, Australian International Experimental Film Festival [May 2013]

ASFF, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, UK [Nov 2012]

Videoformes Intl. Film Festival, France [March 2012]

Exposures Film Festival, Manchester [FEB 2012]

Bienal Video y Nuevos Medios, Santiago, Chile [January 2012]

14th Antimatter Film Festival 2011, Canada.

British Short Film Festival, Berlin [January 2012]

13th Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, Paris [DEC 2011]




“Superliminal” (2011) is a video completely built upon photographs. We dive into a visual and aural journey through the London Underground questioning the possibility of representing time through stillness. As Chris Marker commented ‘A moment stopped would burn like a frame of film blocked before the furnace of the projector.’ In such a way, every frame in "Superliminal" originates as a long exposure photograph, thus accumulating traces, gestures and identities that ultimately form an embodiment of several simultaneous temporal durations that otherwise remain invisible, challenging in the process the idea of an observational documentary.


“Superliminal” is not interested in the precise reconstruction of movement, but in creating the kind of image that is better perceived when it is not directly observed. Rather than mechanical arbitrariness, “Superliminal” is interested in the area of movement which produces sensation, the memory of which still palpitates in our awareness. “Superliminal” offers its own paradox: what is movement turns again into static, and only that which posses subtle motion is heightened to a cinematic condition.



Sound Design: La-Tina Sonido Creativo

Sound Designer: Andres Silva

Running Time: 10 min.

Format: HD (.mov file, color, stereo)