Sebastian Melo, born in Santiago, Chile in 1976 has directed and produced documentary films since 2005. His first project “From Afar” was awarded the Grand Prix at the Santiago International Documentary Film Festival (FIDOCS) and distributed by Canal Arte (France). Based in London since 2010 he has recently completed the MA Digital Media, Technology and Cultural Form at Goldsmiths, University of London. His current video work based on long exposure photography has been exhibited and awarded in Chile, UK and Canada.




My interest in filmaking brings the still frame to central stage, as it allows the work to perform at the interface between photography and film. In doing this, my visual search is crossed by the question of the still frame as a correspondence of a basic unit of production of knowledge and subjectivity. To explore these concerns I work both with linear videos and video installations in which the video images are produced solely with long exposure photography. Perception of time and space take a particular form, not as continuous movement, but rather formed by slices of fragmented reality. Every frame is no longer an instant (as it ever was?) but the testimony of a longer time frame, that accumulates and embodies simultaneous temporal durations. Speed is revealed as blurred movement, whereas slower internal movements and rhythms become visible. The images I produce explore the richness of the intermediate state between stillness and movement, which demand a kind of attention that oscillates from retension to protension, resisting stillness to find its own path, yet resisting movement by avoiding the perpetual recommencement of cinematic narrative. By defining the territory where I develop my work between photography and film allows me to explore other dialectics such as pattern/randomness, representation/performativity ultimately attempting to expose the limitations of the perceptual framework itself.